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image-2-studio-at-banksmeadow.-with-a-higher-love-.jpg        Sydney Studio. (Banksmeadow). With 'A Higher Love' in progress.


image1.jpg       Sydney Studio. (Crows Nest). Work in Progress.


image-3-dublin-studio-ireland.jpg       Studio in Ballyrogan, County Wicklow, Ireland.


image-4-sydney-studio-banksmeadow-.jpg       Sydney Studio, (Banksmeadow)


image-5-sydney-studio-ultimo-with-archangel-in-progress-.jpg        Sydney Studio (Ultimo) with 'Archangel'.


image-6-studio-with-duality-2.jpg        'The Power of Two' Oil on canvas. 100 x 220cms


image-7-movable-wall.jpg       Moveable Exhibition Wall with 'Imagine in Advance' and 'Elevation'.


image-8.-ultimo-sydney-working-late..jpg       Working late. Ultimo, Sydney.


image-9-studio-at-crows-nest-.jpg        Crows Nest Sydney. Studio downstairs.


image-10-private-residence-sydney.jpg       'A Better Tomorrow' No.1 and 2. Oil on canvas. 100 x 100cms.


image-11.-work-in-progress.jpg        Work in progress..


image-12.1-005.jpg      Chippendale Studio. 


image-13-archangel-.-oil-on-canvas.-3m-x-2.8m-.jpg       'Archangel'. Oil, concrete and Guinness on canvas. 3m x 2.8m


image-14-river-of-no-sound-.-oil-and-acrylic-on-canvas.-300x285cms.-..jpg       'River of No Sound'. Oil, concrete and Guinness on canvas. 3m x 2.8m


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